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In the South African crime driven society, all residents, home owners and tenants need to proactively create a safe living environment. Possessions can be replaced but loved ones cannot! Security is a lifestyle and Sangar Security will partner with homeowners and Estate Managers to create this secure lifestyle. Allow us to use our expertise to assist you with the implementation of an integrated security process to secure your estate. Sangar Security recognises the need for discretion and privacy for you and your family. For this reason every residential security plan is tailored to suit the Client’s lifestyle and needs by providing complete security without being invasive and interfering in private lives of residents.


Sangar Security provides security for any industrial premises. These normally require constant patrolling and surveillance because of the size of their perimeters. These sites, including warehouses, factories and construction sites often attract thieves and vandals because of the opportunities that arise from the location of these premises especially after hours. Should it be required, the security officers will play an important part in monitoring the movements of suppliers, deliveries (in-coming and out-going), workers and anyone visiting your premises, providing optimum access and egress control to protect your business assets. Sangar Security Services is committed to continuous improvement and to the achievement of your company’s security and safety goals. We fully understand the importance of promoting a professional service and image for your company and each of our officers has been carefully vetted to ensure they meet not only our standards, but also those of our customers.


Sangar Security operates at the highest level in this area of security, providing loss prevention and lowering the risk of theft and shoplifting. We incorporate highly trained security officers and store detectives (where needed) with the style that suits the cutting edge and changing face of this industry. We understand that patrons like to shop without the displeasure of being scrutinized by an obtrusive security officer, so we place an emphasis on creating a comfortable shopping atmosphere while still maintaining a presence to deter any would be thieves.


We understand that everyone wants to be greeted at the front door of a Hotel with a smile and an open hand. We also understand that guests want to be assured that they will have a great time without worrying about their safety. At Sangar Security we want you to be able to approach security personnel who will be happy to go out of their way to direct and assist your guests. Sangar Security will provide Hospitality Security Officers who will look after your clients whilst making sure that your Hotel is a safe place. All our security officers are screened and vetted, impeccably presented and have been trained to meet our exacting standards of communication, public relations and customer service.


To influence industries through impact investment for sustainable growth

Sangar Security was formed in 2012 by individuals that have a passion for the industry and people. These individuals took an opportunity to influence and become role players in this evolving market of security and create a professional security company that provides customised security solutions according to the clients’ requirements.

  • South African Owned
  • Owner Managed
  • Professional and Transparent
  • Cost Effective


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Sangar Security encourages humble relationships with our clients whereby they feel comfortable that their security company operates with integrity and that the security solution we provide is professional, organised, dedicated, and honest. Thus ensuring value sustainable service levels whilst securing clients property, people and assets.

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